When you think of Christmas, where does your mind take you?

Maybe you remember baking cookies with your kids or grandkids or picking out the perfect Christmas tree and cutting it down.

What about watching your favorite Christmas movies every year or singing carols to get in the Christmas spirit? Christmas can be defined through family, love, generosity, warmth, hope, excitement, and so much more. Our family at The Inn at Christmas Place believes in fostering all the wonderful feelings that accompany Christmas.

When The Inn opened its doors in June of 2007 we had no idea our guests would be interested in celebrating  Christmas with us year round. The truth is, because Christmas encompasses so many things for so many different people, it doesn’t matter when you celebrate Christmas because for the past 12 years we have been Celebrating the Spirit of Christmas Every Day of the Year! ™


General Manager

Christmas Favorite: Listening to Christmas Carols


Finance/Accounting & HR Manager

Christmas Favorite: All the movies!


Administrative Assistant

Christmas Favorite: Looking through the eyes of a child


Technology Manager

Christmas Favorite: Silent Night in four part harmony. And sausage balls.


Director of Marketing

Christmas Favorite: Traditions...Old and New


Front Desk & Reservations Manager

Christmas Favorite: Extra time with family


Group Sales Manager

Christmas Favorite: A Christmas Story. And having the family together.


Decor and Event Manager

Christmas Favorite: Setting up and reflecting on our memory tree


Maintenance Manager

Christmas Favorite: Dessert. Chess bars are my favorite.


Kitchen Manager

Christmas Favorite: You can't have Christmas without the dressing!


Housekeeping Manager

Christmas Favorite: Spending time with my Grandbabies